True cinema sound at home

The dream of experiencing true cinema sound in your own home is now a reality thanks to Monitor Audio’s incredible Cinergy system. Cinergy offers all the thrills of the very best cinema, but focuses the experience around you and those closest to you. With Cinergy you create a completely bespoke cinematic experience; immersive, precise, natural, and private.


Transparent Design Philosophy

At Monitor Audio we believe the ultimate loudspeaker is one capable of producing sound as laid down by the artist so accurately that it becomes transparent. The physical design should be sympathetic to any environment and work in harmony with the desire for transparency. Cinergy was created as a result of this Transparent Design Philosophy, and is engineered to ‘disappear’ into your home cinema, allowing you to experience the visceral thrill of the very pinnacle of movie sound, without distraction.


Monitor Audio's Platinum 200 3G, lifestyle, in a Pure Satin White finish.

THX® Certified Ultra

THX is the gold standard for audio and visual fidelity: a globally recognised mark assuring Cinergy delivers the ultimate home cinema experience. It’s not simply a set of measurements done on a computer or in a lab; THX certification is only achieved using the dynamics of real-world listening, so you can have the utmost confidence that Cinergy will deliver a breathtakingly realistic home cinema experience.

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