1. Silver 100 Limited Edition wins a SELECT Award

    4th August 2022

    Posted in: Awards | Reviews

    Our Silver 100 Limited Edition speakers have been given a SELECT Award by Sevenoaks Sound & Vision.

  2. Albums of the Month - July 2022

    29th July 2022

    Posted in: Articles | Playlists

    Continuing our Albums of the Month, our top picks of the latest albums to listen to every month, from pop to rap to rock.

  3. Stories - @friggin.vinyl

    28th July 2022

    Posted in: Stories

    We spoke to Instagram follower @friggin.vinyl about their audio equipment, record collection and favourite album

  4. Join us at the CEDIA Tech Summit in London

    18th July 2022

    Posted in: News and Events

    We'll be heading to the CEDIA Tech Summit in London on the 22nd July.

  5. Higher end sound and style, YouTube Reviewer Andrew Robinson reviews our Silver 100 7G speakers

    15th July 2022

    Posted in: Reviews

    Audio and tech reviewer Andrew Robinson takes a listen to our Silver 100 7G speakers in his latest review.

  6. Planning your garden speaker system

    14th July 2022

    Posted in: Custom Install

    Find out what you need when planning an outdoor speaker system for your garden.

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