Architectural Speakers & Electronics

Discreet Audio solutions for inside and outside your home

Monitor Audio offers a range of comprehensive high-fidelity, custom installation speakers and accompanying electronics to power multi-room, whole-house audio, serious home cinema and stereo systems as well as outdoor all-weather audio systems. Wherever your requirements for pristine audio reproduction, Monitor Audio offers high-performance sound for customers and flexible system creation for integrators.


Creator Series

A fresh approach to the custom installation market delivers high-quality sound and much-wanted clarity, with a comprehensive, clearly defined range of high-performance in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers.


Platinum Series

High-performance flagship speaker models, designed for high-end two-channel stereo and theatre systems where accurate, clear and lifelike sound is required. The series builds on our stated vision of bringing the listener closer to sonic and visual perfection.



Cinergy sits between home cinema and pro cinema, bringing a true cinema experience into the comfort our your own home.


Streamers & Amplifiers

Behind every great home cinema or multi-room installation is smart and powerful amplification. With advanced, intuitive technologies and versatile, wireless options, such as BluOS™ technology. They’ll ensure superior power for your home cinema or multi-room installation is guaranteed.



From completely invisible plaster-in speakers to flush fit and spotlight-sized speakers, this range of special application models offers flexible speaker solutions for the most demanding of situations.


Weather Resistant

Resilient, robust and discreet, our range of all-weather speaker solutions, whether by pools, outside dining areas, under eaves, or within garden boarders, ensures high-fidelity sound is achievable even outside your home.



The SoundFrame range provides the elusive blend of superior sound and décor that all style-conscious home entertainment lovers seek. They are easy to install with On-Wall and In-Wall options, pivoting drivers for the ideal audio balance, and a wide range of grille colours, images and custom grille designs.



Now you can add big sound to your big TV display without filling the room with speakers. Monitor Audio's Soundbars will complete your HD picture entertainment with the high definition sound you've been missing, and match the look of your TV with contemporary lifestyle design.


Custom Subwoofers

Experience tremendous bass with discreet subwoofer options, a perfect complement to any architectural audio theatre or music system within the home.