Creator Series


British High-Fidelity Architectural Sound Redefined

The Creator Series re-writes the rules of custom installation. A smart, tiered range of high-performance, installer-friendly in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers that delivers better sound for customers, and enhanced flexibility and clarity for installers.

The application of key Monitor Audio acoustic technologies more usually found in our premium standalone loudspeakers ensures lifelike, pristine sound, while innovative features and a comprehensive, clearly defined range make for hassle-free installation. If you thought you knew custom installation, think again; Creator Series redefines British high-fidelity architectural sound.


Transparent Design Philosophy

Every Monitor Audio product is the result of intense collaboration, drawing on decades of experience within the design team and ensuring that all the elements of performance, technology and design work in harmony.

Creator Series is the physical manifestation of this approach.


Tier 1

A comprehensive range of speakers designed for cost-effective installations where product simplicity and solid acoustic performance is required.


  • C-CAM mid-bass drivers​
  • C-CAM gold dome Tweeters with UD Waveguide I​
  • Tri-Grip II ​legs​
  • Quik-Link


Tier 2

Where enhanced performance is required, Tier 2 models offer a significant step up over Tier 1 models, both in terms of acoustics and features.


  • Boundary correction, mid/high frequency & cut/boost​​
  • C-CAM​ RST II mid-bass drivers​​
  • C-CAM gold dome Tweeters with UD Waveguide II​​
  • RST II bass drivers
  • Tri-Grip II ​legs​
  • Quik-Link
  • Rotating mid-pod​


Tier 3

Tier 3 offers discreet, premium high-fidelity sound, coupled with technological innovations that offer enhanced flexibility of speaker placement.


  • Boundary correction, mid/high frequency & cut/boost​
  • IDC II​ coaxial mid/tweeter drivers ​
  • RDT III bass drivers​
  • MPD II transducer
  • Tri-Grip II legs​
  • Quik-Link
  • Rotating mid-pod​


Creator Series - In-Ceiling models

The in-ceiling loudspeaker sits at the heart of architectural sound; its ability to fill a room with wonderful sound while remaining virtually invisible delivers on the primary dream of a custom installation audio system. The Creator Series features small, medium and large in-ceiling models, allowing you to select the perfect array of speakers for your space.


Creator Series - In-Wall models

The in-wall loudspeaker is a versatile, high-performance tool that can add localised quality to any custom installation. The Creator Series in-wall models allow you to create areas of high-performance sound, most usually in a dedicated home cinema space, that rival that of stand-alone loudspeakers, while remaining virtually invisible.



Our new innovative Quik-Link terminal revolutionises speed of installation. With Quik-Link you can make cable connections up the ladder at pre-installation stage. Once the installation is complete, the terminal, which is now connected with the speaker cables, magnetically snaps and locks into place on the rear of the speaker as you place the speaker into ceiling or wall. It’s that easy.

Tri Grip II

Tri-Grip II is a new dog-leg mechanism that is considerably stronger and more reliable than the previous generation, meaning both speaker placement and extraction could not be simpler.


Rigid Diaphragm Technology III (RDT III) is a composite ‘sandwich’ structure made from ultra-thin low-mass skins, bonded to a honeycomb Nomex® core material. It is very light and very strong, meaning that it can respond with great speed without bending - just like a perfect piston.


Tier 3 In-Wall speakers feature an MPD II high-frequency transducer, developed for the THX Certified Ultra Cinergy range. The precision specification of the Micro Pleated Diaphragm technology is designed to produce accurate, lifelike sound without any distortion.


From installation to finishing touches, you’ll find everything you need to accessorise your Monitor Audio listening experience with our selection of Pre-Construction Brackets, Speaker Back Boxes and Speaker Grilles.