Custom Subwoofers

Discreet bass, but without the big boxes

Designed to perfectly complement our In-Ceiling and In-Wall speakers, the Custom Subwoofer range brings added bass reach, yet demands little in the way of footprint. Choose from our ultra-compact free-standing, In-Ceiling or In-Wall models.


A high-performance passive subwoofer able to fit into discreet spaces, such as ceiling and wall cavities, we primarily developed the ICS-8 to complement the CF230 Flush Fit In-Ceiling speaker.

Our In-Wall Subwoofer design marries the IWS-10 subwoofer driver, IWA-250 amplifier, and IWB-10 black box. Use the IWS-10 model in a range of ceiling, floor, and In-Wall locations, ideally – but not exclusively – with its IWB-10 back box.

Designed to work with the IWS-10 subwoofer, the IWA-250 switch mode amplifier is a slim, powerful design in a robust 1U rack mount case. Delivering up to 250 W into 4 ohms, the IWA-250 has input signal sensing, or is triggered from an AVR or other system source.