Cinergy 300

Cinergy 300

The largest speaker in the range, providing the biggest sound. The Monitor Audio Cinergy 300 uses our latest mid-range driver technology for the purest possible audio.

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Whether it’s mounted with the unique isolation options included or even used as a floorstander, with professional installation as part of a Cinergy system, you’ll have world-class cinema sound in your own home. Far superior to your local mainstream cinema, which is normally designed for larger groups to deliver the best median performance for everybody. Cinergy, on the other hand, is a cinema built around you and those closest to you.


Key Features

  • Unique isolation options reduce unwanted vibrations by up to 18dB for a professional cinema experience
  • Stacks with other Cinergy 300 and Cinergy Sub15 units to create a behind the screen ‘sound wall’
  • Numerous mounting options, with a design perfectly suited to an in-cabinet mounting behind an acoustically transparent screen
  • Plinth available with isolation features, which makes it possible to use the Cinergy 300 as a floorstander
  • Port bungs included in box to tailor the bass response along with EQ profiles for use with Monitor Audio Installation Amplifiers
  • Rotatable mid-tweeter array
  • Swappable mid-tweeter array
  • MPD high-frequency transducer with accuracy, clarity and lifelike sound
  • Mid-range driver with high power handling, high sensitivity, wide directivity
  • C-CAM mid-range driver with high power handling, high sensitivity, wide directivity
  • RDT II bass driver with exceptional high-power handling, high sensitivity, high excursion, low distortion
  • Crossover with performance of the highest level, even when pushed hard for long periods of time
THX Certification

THX® Certified Ultra

System Format

3 Way

Sensitivity (2.83 Vrms @ 1 M)

90 dB

Maximum Linear SPL**** (@1m, free space)

Continuous 109 dB, Peak 122 dB

Power Handling (RMS)

Continuous 350 W, Peak* 1400 W

Nominal Impedance

4 Ohms

Minimum Impedance (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

3.8 Ohms

Recommended Low Frequency Crossover Frequency

40 - 80 Hz (High Pass)

Recommended Amp Requirements (RMS)

200 - 1400 W (IA750-2 or IA750-4)

Bass Alignment


Port Tuning Frequency

38 Hz**

LF Extension, In Wall, With Port Bungs (- 6dB)

42 Hz

LF Extension, In Free Space, No Port Bungs (- 6dB)

42 Hz

HF Extension (-6dB)

>30 kHz

Drive Unit Complement

2 x 8" RDT Driver
2 x 2.5" C-CAM Driver
1 x MPD Transducer

External Dimensions (Cabinet Only (H x W x D))

1080 x 300 x 240 mm (421/2 x 1113/16 x 97/16")

External Dimensions (Inc Grille) (H x W x D)

1080 x 300 x 253.6 mm (421/2 x 1113/16 x 10")

Max External Dimensions (Inc all Fittings) (H x W x D)

1132 x 438 x 253.6 mm (449/16 x 171/4 x 10")


40.4 kg (88 lb 14 oz)


* Calculated from a peak voltage, this is not a true power figure but useful for comparisons.

** When used in an In-Wall or On-Wall configuration it is recommended to use the fitted port bungs to control bass output. This will effectively make the product a sealed box.

*** Band limited with Low pass at 200 Hz, should only be used with IA800-2C and the correct speaker profile.

**** Tested with a music like noise signal with distortion and power compression remaining below audible limits.


THX® Certified Loudspeakers.

THX® and the THX® Logo are the property of THX® Ltd., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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Cinergy 300