Cinergy Sub15

Cinergy Sub15

The exceptional Cinergy Sub15 can be installed in the wall, stacked or used as a floorstanding unit. 

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Better yet, you can combine it with other Cinergy Sub15 and Cinergy 300 units to create a hidden ‘sound wall’, delivering the kind of audio rarely experienced in the home. In order to achieve the full THX-certified experience, Cinergy Sub15 needs be to paired with Monitor Audio’s IA750-2 / IA750-4 installation amplifier. As such, the Cinergy Sub15 is only sold along with the IA750-2 / IA750-4, ensuring you enjoy great sound without compromise.


Key Features

  • Can be mounted in-wall, stacked or used as a floorstander
  • Sized to match the Cinergy 300 speakers, making the products easy to combine
  • Isolation feet to eliminate unwanted vibrations
  • Bracing/securing brackets for use in hidden sound wall
THX Certification

THX® Certified Ultra (with 2 x Cinergy Sub15’s)

System Format


Sensitivity (2.83 Vrms @ 1 M)

86 dB @ 100 Hz

Maximum Linear SPL**** (@1m, free space)

Continuous 109 dB, Peak 120 dB

Power Handling (RMS)

Continuous 600 W, Peak* 1500 W (Band limited***)

Nominal Impedance

4 Ohms

Minimum Impedance (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

4 Ohms

Recommended Low Frequency Crossover Frequency

40 - 100 Hz (Low Pass)

Recommended Amp Requirements (RMS)

Must be used with IA750-2 / IA750-4 running C Sub Profile

Bass Alignment


Port Tuning Frequency


LF Extension, In Wall, With Port Bungs (- 6dB)


LF Extension, In Free Space, No Port Bungs (- 6dB)

17 Hz (IA750-2 / IA750-4)

HF Extension (-6dB)


Drive Unit Complement

1x 15" Ultra high Excursion C-CAM Driver

External Dimensions (Cabinet Only (H x W x D))

540 x 540 x 280 mm (211/4 x 211/4 x 11")

External Dimensions (Inc Grille) (H x W x D)


Max External Dimensions (Inc all Fittings) (H x W x D)

567 x 540 x 280 mm (225/16 x 211/4 x 11")


38.5 kg (84 lb 12 oz)


* Calculated from a peak voltage, this is not a true power figure but useful for comparisons.

** When used in an In-Wall or On-Wall configuration it is recommended to use the fitted port bungs to control bass output. This will effectively make the product a sealed box.

*** Band limited with Low pass at 200 Hz, should only be used with IA800-2C and the correct speaker profile.

**** Tested with a music like noise signal with distortion and power compression remaining below audible limits.


THX® Certified Loudspeakers.

THX® and the THX® Logo are the property of THX® Ltd., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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Cinergy Sub15