Cinergy Technology


Transparent Design Philosophy

Cinergy is built upon an R&D philosophy of maintaining a balance between Design and Technology, our Transparent Design Philosophy. That approach is evident in innovative transducer technologies such as Micro Pleated Diaphragm II (MPD II) and Rigid Diaphragm Technology II (RDT II), but also in smart installer-friendly developments such as rotating driver arrays. These and other show-stopping innovations ensure you enjoy a true home cinema experience.


Midrange drivers

The midrange drivers do a lot of the heavy lifting in any movie-focused system; these frequencies contain a lot of the dialogue and atmospherics that make films so engaging. That’s why the Cinergy midrange drivers use cutting-edge Monitor Audio acoustic technologies to ensure they deliver pristine performance, including RDT II cones, for the required dexterity. The midrange drivers also sits within a mid-pod driver array that can be rotated to allow any speaker in the range to be positioned either vertically or horizontally.



Our Micro Pleated Diaphragm II (MPD II) technology ensures Cinergy’s high-frequency transducers deliver accurate, lifelike sound without any distortion. The wider, smoother, more focused soundstage it creates is exactly what you need for totally engaging movie sound.


Mid Pod

Cinergy’s mid-pod driver array can be rotated to allow any speaker in the range to be positioned either vertically or horizontally. This flexible approach makes system creation a breeze, ensuring the perfect set-up for your cinema space.



Rigid Diaphragm Technology II uses a ‘sandwich’ of ultra-thin, low-mass skins bonded to a honeycomb Nomex® core, making our bass drivers both exceptionally strong and lightweight. This combination allows them to deliver both the incredibly dynamic and the wonderfully delicate with breath-taking dexterity.


Bass drivers

Bass is vital to cinematic sound. That’s obviously the case with the deep, powerful low end delivered by dedicated subwoofers, but upper bass is also a vital ingredient, providing as it does the link between low-end rumble and the midrange. Cinergy’s powerful, dexterous bass drivers utilise RDT II technology to ensure they match perfectly with the midrange drivers, while also being able to punch above their weight in terms of low-end power.