THX Certified Ultra

What is THX Certification?


THX Certification is a globally recognized assurance of uncompromising quality, consistency and performance. We blend art, technology, and the dynamics of real-world listening and viewing environments to ensure products deliver the artist’s true vision. THX engineers perform hundreds of tests to ensure sound and picture reproduction in the industry’s top entertainment equipment is fully preserved. Only the very best products with uncompromising quality, performance, and consistency become THX Certified, making your next home entertainment purchase an easy decision.


THX Loudspeaker Certification

We analyze everything from output levels, frequency response, signal-to-noise, distortion and bass management to recreate high impact cinema sound and best-in-class audio fidelity. Key tests include:

This describes a loudspeaker’s ability to reproduce audio accurately. Our test confirms the axial frequency response is balanced and flat

We test the off-axis response to make sure it is smooth with no audible comb filtering, turning every seat in the room into the “sweet spot.”

This test ensures the speaker can reach the high volumes necessary to achieve THX Reference Level without creating audible distortion or artifacts


Monitor Audio's Platinum 200 3G, lifestyle, in a Pure Satin White finish.

Performance Class

The Monitor Audio Cinergy products meet certification for the Ultra performance class. THX Certified Ultra products bring the cinematic experience to larger home theaters, up to 3,000 cubic feet in size, with a viewing distance of ~12 feet from the screen.


Monitor Audio's Platinum 200 3G, lifestyle, in a Pure Satin White finish.


* Globally recognized standard to ensure crisp clean audio

* Preserve the emotional depth, texture and immediacy envisioned by the artist

* Hundreds of lab tests guarantee precise performance every time

* Deliver a reference sound experience that matches the performance found in movie theaters