1. Sound And Vision Magazine - Mass Test Report

    28th August 2013

    Posted in: Reviews

    An in-depth analysis of the MASS 5.1 speaker package.

  2. Platinum PL200 award: Audiophilia Award

    21st June 2013

    Posted in: Awards | Reviews

    Audiophilia praises the Platinum PL200 with their Star Component Award.

  3. Mass award: AV Forums 'Recommended' Award

    14th June 2013

    Posted in: Reviews | Awards

    The MASS system gains the AV Forums Recommended Award.

  4. Mass award: 2013 Red Dot Award

    26th April 2013

    Posted in: Awards

    Monitor Audio’s diminutive MASS Home Cinema Speaker System is honoured with a ‘Red Dot’ International Design Award.

  5. WS100 review: What Hi-Fi? Review

    12th April 2013

    Posted in: Reviews

    Our wireless mini monitors secure the honours in What Hi-Fi? round-up.

  6. WS100 review: The Times Magazine

    8th March 2013

    Posted in: Reviews

    And they have five reasons to love it!

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