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ASB-2 review: Home Theater Review

7th March 2014

Posted in: Reviews

Home Theater Review takes an in-depth look at our ASB-2 Soundbar

Monitor Audio has conceived the ASB-2 as the ultimate audio hub for the home.  Darryl Wilkinson of has tested this claim by running the Soundbar through its paces with both music and movies.  He discovered that using 3D mode for 'The Hunger Games' raised the bar for movie performance from a soundbar;

"The Monitor Audio ASB-2 rises to the much more rare “Wow!” level in terms of movie performance. When in 3D Audio mode, the ASB-2 had an amazingly broad reach...three things really stood out. One was the realistic crackle of fire around the room. Another was the strong and focused dialogue reproduction. Third was the ASB-2’s extremely impressive bass output."

But the ASB-2 isn't just about movies;

"there’s a huge reason to own an ASB-2 for everyday music listening: it sounds awesome with almost everything..."

The review concludes with a confident proposal that these opinions will be shared by all who hear the ASB-2;

"all users will marvel at how fantastic - how thrillingly theatrical - the Monitor Audio ASB-2 sounds."

You can explore the ASB here >>