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3rd May 2014

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About.com's audio expert Brent Butterworth investigates our latest Radius floorstander

"My ears perked up right away when I heard the super-spacious, ambient soundstage the Radius 270 threw out on guitarist Gabor Szabo's The Sorcerer, a 1967 side recorded live at the Jazz Workshop in Boston."

"Marty Morrell's snare and cymbals seemed to be echoing off the hard walls of a medium-sized club. I loved the way the Radius 270 seemed to recreate the acoustics of the venue so precisely."

"Steely Dan's "Aja" sounded very smooth, with the hard-to-reproduce piano in the recording showing no trace of the unpleasant hardness most speakers give it. The 270s treated Donald Fagen's reedy voice just as carefully."

"Toto's "Rosanna," sounded positively huge through the Radius 270, with the colossal, reverberant sound I imagine the group was going for."

"I liked what the Radius 270 did with vocals in general; every singer I played through it sounded smooth, with no notable sibilance or midrange coloration."

"These are excellent results. Any speaker that measures with no more than a ±3 dB variation on-axis is generally considered to be pretty well-engineered, and the Radius 270 meets that standard easily." 

"The advantage of the Radius 270 is that it gives you the refinement of those speakers (larger tower speakers) in a form factor that's vastly more appealing and much less likely to garner complaints from your significant other."

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