1. MASS Appeal

    19th October 2012

    Posted in: Awards | Reviews

    Awesome New AV speaker System Collects What Hi Fi? Award on Launch.

  2. Introducing WS100

    11th October 2012

    Posted in: History

    Launching today, our high performance wire-free WS100 speakers will prove that you don’t have to work too hard for great sound.

  3. Introducing 'Trimless' Custom Install

    5th October 2012

    Posted in: Custom Install | History

    Monitor Audio introduces 'trimless' bezels onto Custom Install products.

  4. Gold GX50 review: Hi-Fi Choice Loudspeaker Review

    21st September 2012

    Posted in: Reviews | Awards

    How will Monitor Audio's own GX50 fare in Hi-Fi Choice's Loudspeaker review?

  5. Shadow award: EXC!TE Award Winner

    17th August 2012

    Posted in: Awards

    Shadow a stand out at the CustomerRetailer Magazine annual awards 2012.

  6. PL100 review: Hi-Fi News Highly Commends

    22nd June 2012

    Posted in: Reviews | Awards

    "...this speaker shines and with good recordings it truly sings out..."

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