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International Acclaim!

31st January 2014

Posted in: Reviews

Monitor Audio's new Silver 10 and the MASS speaker system have excelled in Poland and Hong Kong respectively.

Monitor Audio has had a fantastic week for awards and international recognition, with distinction in both Poland and Hong Kong:

So Hot, they’re ‘Cool’!

Polish audio magazine ‘High Fidelity’ has fallen for the silky control offered by our new Silver 10s. Reviewer Wojciech Pacula is impressed by the speaker’s ‘cool’ ability to combine the consistency of expensive stand-mount speakers with the scale of a floor stander, so much so that the 10s have joined the magazine’s ‘Best Product 2013’ list. He says “with the Silver 10 we get a smooth, delicate, large-scale sound with a flourish and powerful bass. You do not need expensive electronics to get them to sound really great! You just need to ensure that power is sufficient. If so, it’s hard to imagine a system in which Silver 10 ever sounds uncontrolled or uncool - on the contrary "coolness" is their trademark.”

(Above quotations translated from Polish. The original review is available in full here >>)

Meanwhile in Hong Kong...

Hong Kong's leading AV magazine AV Bi-Weekly has named the MASS speaker system a "Product of the Year 2013", earning an award in the Home Theatre System Set category. Steven Lee, on behalf of Wellwick Audio Ltd, received the award at the AV Bi-Weekly Awards 2013 presentation ceremony.