1. Hyphn receives Innovation of the Year Award from Hi-Fi+

    7th December 2023

    Posted in: Reviews | Awards

    "There’s absolute confidence and positivity to the way these speakers express rhythms – no matter how hectic or how languid they might be."

  2. Gold and Anthra receive a Recommended Award from AV Forums

    5th December 2023

    Posted in: Awards | Reviews

    Pleasant and balanced, our Gold and Anthra speaker package delivers.

  3. Playlist - Christmas Acoustic

    1st December 2023

    Posted in: Playlists

    Take an alternative approach to your festive favourites with our selection of folky Christmas tunes.

  4. Albums of the Month - November 2023

    24th November 2023

    Posted in: Articles | Playlists

    Continuing our Albums of the Month, our top picks of the latest albums to listen to every month, from pop to rap to rock.

  5. Home Theater HiFi video review our Silver 500 7G speakers

    22nd November 2023

    Posted in: Reviews | Awards

    After glowing reviews of the Silver 100 7G and Silver 300 7G, Taps Das was desperate to put the Silver 500 7G through its paces.

  6. ON/OFF award our Platinum 200 3G with Best Floorstanding Speakers 2024

    13th November 2023

    Posted in: Reviews | Awards

    "They have the ability to generate an extraordinarily opulent soundstage from relatively small cabinet dimensions"

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