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5 Year Warranty

Both the craftsmanship and the performance of our products (shown below) are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects for the period of five years from the date of purchase, provided that the product was supplied by an authorised Monitor Audio retailer under the consumer sale agreement.

This warranty is non-transferable. This warranty takes effect from the 1st January 2017.

When purchasing Monitor Audio products, please keep your receipt of purchase safe, as this validates your warranty.


Platinum II: Platinum PL100 II, Platinum PL200 II, Platinum PL300 II, Platinum PL500 II, Platinum PLC150 II, Platinum PLC350 II, Platinum PLW215 II

Gold: Gold 100, Gold 200, Gold 300, Gold C250, Gold FX, Gold W12

Silver: Silver 50, Silver 100, Silver 200, Silver 300, Silver 500, Silver C150, Silver C350, Silver FX, Silver W-12

Bronze 6G: Bronze 50, Bronze 100, Bronze 200, Bronze 500, Bronze C150, Bronze AMS Dolby Atmos® Enabled Speaker, Bronze FX, Bronze W10

Studio: Studio

MASS Surround Sound: MASS 5.1, MASS Satellite

Radius: Radius 45, Radius 90, Radius 200, Radius 225, Radius 270, Radius One, Radius 380, Radius 390

Apex: Apex 10, Apex A40, Apex AW12

Active Soundbar: ASB-10

Invisible: IV140

Pro: Pro-80LV

Vecta: V240-LV

Climate Garden System: CLG140, CLG160, CLG-W10, CLG-W12

Subwoofers: CW8, CW10, WS-10

Streamers & Amplifiers: IMS-4IA40-3IA150-2, IA60-12, IA200-2C, IA150-8C, IA800-2C, IWA-250

Accessories: Platinum II StandsSTANDMass StandsRadius StandsApex Stands, WT-1, WR-1