Silver 500 7G wins Reviewers' Choice Award

4th March 2022

Posted in: Awards | Reviews

Our Silver 500 7G speakers have been given a Reviewers' Choice Award by SoundStage! Network.



Philip Beaudette at SoundStage! Network recently sat down with our Silver 500 7G speakers, testing them through a wide variety of music, including Loreena McKennitt, Tom Waits and Massive Attack.

"Everything from the chatter of the audience and their clapping to the clinking of utensils, plates, and glassware elevated the scene to a level of amazing realism through the 500 7Gs."

Measurements for the review were taken in the anechoic chamber at Canada's National Research Council.

Philip summarised his review, saying "The fact that the Monitor Audios nearly matched the performance of the higher-end KEF R11s says a lot about the value they offer. If I had just over $3k to buy a new pair of speakers today, I’d order a pair of the Silver 500 7Gs and never look back. Their value proposition is irrefutable.".


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