Engineering the Impossible


Some of the team’s biggest challenges lay in engineering solutions to problems that simply don’t exist in a simple box design. For example, where do you run the cables for the two sets of bass drivers so they can’t be seen? (Through the middle of the drive unit anchors).

Here, as they had throughout the project, they relied on sound engineering principles, which hold that it’s better to make something simple with known issues and fix them, rather than make something highly technical or entirely new. For example, instead of trying to create a ‘perfect’ rear chamber for the M-Array, they simply made it as small as they practically could, then used foam and other conventional techniques to eliminate any resonances. And as it turns out, the bridge actually enables better acoustics and far exceeds the original expectations on what the engineers thought possible.


Hyphn’s unique cabinet is constructed using the highest quality solid surface material available. After lengthy research and testing, we settled on a composite that combines acrylic, minerals and natural pigments. This creates a smooth, thermoformable and visually seamless surface, which is then precision milled to produce Hyphn’s striking and distinctive profile.

The acrylic stone material provides the perfect platform from which the drive units can operate to their full amazing potential. It is both totally rigid and naturally inert, so doesn’t create any unwanted vibrations within the bass cabinet enclosure.

Beautifully Finished.

Hyphn is expressed in three contemporary finishes, Matte Heritage Green, Matte Black and Pure Satin White. Each showcases the elegant architectural lines of the Hyphn design. Carefully selected to present a feeling of luxury, each finish deepens the connection and lustre of the physical shape, and ensures that Hyphn sits within its environment seamlessly.

Whether as more of a statement centre-piece of sonic power or a subtle sculptural design, disappearing beneath musical notes, Hyphn represents a physical presence and undeniable quality that will last a lifetime.

Made in Britain is an internationally-recognised registered trademark which promotes and acknowledges the very best of British manufacturing.

Hyphn is designed and manufactured at Monitor Audio's headquarters in Rayleigh, Essex.