Introducing Cinergy

4th May 2022

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Bring cinema perfection home

Introducing Cinergy, the ultimate home cinema experience.


A cinema built around you? Unheard of.

Cinergy gives installers creative flexibility to create amazing soundscapes in purpose-built home cinemas using modular design, bespoke isolation and clever fixing methods. All designed to achieve unforgettable audio that’s attuned to your space.



Sound like this in a home cinema? Unheard of.

Taking over 50 years of audio expertise, Cinergy brings our legacy to the big-screen. Featuring our MPD High-Frequency Transducers and RDT II Drivers from our flagship range, every element plays a part in the epic performance of Cinergy.



Products built with installers in mind? Unheard of.

Cinergy features a smart modular design that allows installers creative placement and easy installation. Adjustable isolating brackets allow for different fixing methods, and a rotating mid-tweeter array allows for vertical or horizontal installs without effecting sound quality.



Ultimate cinema experience

Cinergy has been THX® Certified Ultra, the gold standard for audio of visual fidelity. Listened to by the experts at THX®, you can have the utmost confidence in the quality Cinergy delivers.