Inside Track: What Makes a Monitor Audio Loudspeaker?

1st June 2024

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David Price at StereoNET discusses the complex art of speaker design with Monitor Audio's Charles Minett and Michael Hedges.



"We're trying to take away the constant thinking about technology – it just does its job; you're just listening!"

When asked about the challenges he faces at the drawing board, Technical Director Michael Hedges stated “With loudspeaker design, we might have a few hundred variables in front of us, and we're throwing them up in the air, and you've got to catch the ones that matter, and that's the sound quality, aesthetic appeal, safety standards – you've got to spend the money in the right place."

Discussing processes, Design Director Charles Minett said "We work on everything from the cabinets to the driver chassis to the cone profiles – it's about everything physical on the speaker; all this is done by the mechanical team. The smarter the systems get, the more we can start playing with shapes, knowing where we want flat surfaces and where we don't want them".

StereoNET’s Editor-in-Chief discusses data, conditions, experiences, processes, and much more. Please read the full article using the link below.

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