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  1. Monitor Audio Acquires Roksan

    Posted in: History | Company News and Events

    Roksan joins with Monitor Audio.

  2. Introducing Platinum II

    Posted in: History | Product News

    Monitor Audio launches the Platinum II flagship range.

  3. Introducing RDT II (Rigid Diaphragm Technology - 2nd Generation)

    Posted in: History | Technology

    RDT II has the lowest distortion cone technology in Monitor Audio’s history.

  4. Introducing MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) High Frequency Transducer

    Posted in: History | Technology

    Re-working of an existing technology, transforming a successful idea into an audiophile super-driver.

  5. Introducing Bronze

    Posted in: Product News | History

    Monitor Audio launches the latest generation of Bronze.

  6. Introducing S150

    Posted in: History

    Monitor Audio launches a small Bluetooth stereo speaker.

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