Bronze 500 receives 'Recommended' award from Hi-Fi Choice

1st October 2023

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

The biggest Bronze is a smart box that sounds very good indeed

Hi-Fi Choice take a look at our Bronze 500, from our award-winning sixth generation Bronze Series.



When discussing sound quality, Hi-Fi Choice commented on the big main drivers, saying "bass is on the agenda and plenty of it, but there’s nothing gratuitous or overblown about its delivery as it seems entirely in proportion to the huge soundstage the Bronze 500 is capable of generating".

Talking about performance, Hi-Fi Choice said "there’s a crispness and airy clarity to its performance that’s rare among its price peers" adding "the speaker seeming to draw effortless horsepower from somewhere, spraying stereo effects across the room with gusto and launching dynamic swings that feel almost dangerous. Huge fun."

The Bronze 500 receives a 'Recommended' award and in their conclusion they said "both visually and sonically, it’s a speaker that will make its presence felt".


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