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Albums of the Month - September 2020

24th September 2020

Posted in: Playlists

We’re introducing Albums of the Month, our top picks of the latest albums to listen to every month, from pop to rap to rock. From Euro Dance inspired pop to heart-felt R&B, our top choices this month will be a great edition to anyone’s record collection.

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Heaven & Hell

Ava Max | Atlantic Records

Ava Max’s debut album Heaven & Hell acts like a large compilation of the Albanian-American pop singers top hits from the numerous EPs released throughout 2019 and 2020. Heavily inspired by an early Lady Gaga, the album goes from her inescapable Eurodance hit “Sweet but Psycho” to the slightly gentler pop of “So Am I”. The bass heavy album proves that Ava Max isn’t just another one-hit wonder.

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Alicia Keys | RCA Records

With her first studio album since 2016’s “HERE”, “ALICIA” digs back into the artist’s roots. Revisiting styles of her earlier work, ALICA is filled with bass-driving R&B and staple piano-ballads turning away from her late 00s pop work. One thing that continues from her previous album is the theme of socio-political connections in the world around her, shown in full-force in the opening track “Truth without Love”.

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Why Do We Shake In The Cold?

Elderbrook | Parlophone Records

Best known for the 2017 dance-hit in collaboration with CamelPhat “Cola”, singer-songwriter Alexander Kotz’ (Elderbrook) “Why Do We Shake In The Cold?” deals with the highs and lows of hitting the music scene. Written over the past 5 years, the album experiments with music to a point where it arguable defies genre. The mixture of Kotz’ celestial vocals, infectious melodies and low-key electronic beats takes dance music to a more heartfelt place.

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Fenne Lily | Dead Oceans

Bristol based folk singer Fenne Lily brings more melancholic tones to her second full length album “BREACH”. Fittingly written about isolation with the world-wide pandemic as a backdrop, Lily brings her haunting vocals to songs of lost love, personal shortfalls and vulnerability. “BREACH” is a testament to Lily’s ability to weave an incredibly emotional collection of songs and hopefully cements her place in the indie-music scene.

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Detroit 2

Big Sean | Def Jam Records

Acting as a sequel to Big Sean’s mixtape “Detroit”, “Detroit 2” continues the story of his ascension looking towards his original essence for a new generation. With musical appearances by Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, Post Malone and Nipsey Hussle, Sean continues his long history of matching himself with formidable MCs of the time. Full of quotable raps, Detroit 2 explores insights of romantic relationships and misperceived issues with other rappers.

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American Head

The Flaming Lips | Bella Union

In their sixteenth studio album, The Flaming Heads really wanted to focus on their American roots. Exploring the nature of love, death and nostalgia, American Head weaves a more down to earth tales in comparison to their intergalactic melodies of the past. The album takes the listener on a trip down memory lane with lead singer Wayne Coyne’s personal view of Americana.

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Nite Creatures

Joe Wong | Decca Records

Musician and Composer Joe Wong best known for his work on Netflix’s Russian doll, Master of None and The Midnight Gospel released his debut solo album Nite Creatures. With 60s inspired psychedelic tones on a orchestral foundation, Nite Creatures delivers Wong’s creativity in full force.

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Big Dreaming Ants

Nana Adjoa | Bloomer Records

Hailing from Amsterdam, Dutch-Ghanaian singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa combines warmth, simplicity and a Beck-like craft to her work leading up to her debut album Big Dreaming Ants. Vibrant, elegant and adventurous, the album plays from her working class childhood in Bijmer, a concrete blocked neighbour in north Amsterdam. Big Dreaming Ants gives you the sense of moving forward, leaving behind your comfort and security for something more.

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Ultra Mono

IDLES | Partisan Records

Another Bristolian band hits out list this month, this time with a more angrier vibe. In their third studio album “Ultra Mono”, the five-piece band juggernauts it’s staple sarcasm and defiance in a breakneck ride. Taking on political issues, social injustice and diversity in modern day Britain.

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What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?

Public Enemy | Def Jam Records

The undoubtable pioneers for modern-day hip hop during the 1980s, Public Enemy turns with a jam-packed collection of collaborations with icons such as Cypress Hill, Run-DMC, Ice-T and George Clinton to name a few. Politically and socially charged, the album acts as a call to action to incite justice for the black community, even featuring a 2020 remix of their classic Fight The Power.

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