Entry-level discreet audio solutions

Combining well-established Monitor Audio acoustic technologies such as Gold-Dome tweeters and Metal Matrix Polymer II (MMP II) bass drivers, our Basics range of in-ceiling and in-wall architectural speakers provide exceptional audio performance – with little intrusion into the interior space.



Offering total placement flexibility, the C165 & C180 in-ceiling models, a 6” and 8” driver size respectively, provide the perfect answer to whole-house integrated audio solutions. With a shallow depth, and patented Tri-Grip fixings, the models are quick and easy to install, and with paintable grilles – they’ll blend in seamlessly.


The W165 and W180 in-wall models, again a 6” and 8” driver size respectively, partner perfectly with the Basics in-ceiling models, offering further multiroom, whole-house flexibility. Benefitting from the same shallow back profile, Tri-Grip fixings, and same metal drive unit technology, performance is strong, delivering lifelike clarity and detail from music and film with room filling wide dispersion.