ST-2 Universal Stand

ST-2 Universal Stand

The Monitor Audio ST-2 Universal Stand is designed using Monitor Audio’s Transparent Design Philosophy, where all elements of the design and acoustics are carefully balanced to achieve the ultimate end-result of design neutrality and total audio performance. One is never allowed to overpower the other and both play a vital role in delivering on our promise of musical neutrality and acoustic transparency.

The ST-2 Universal Stand is engineered to position a variety of stand-mount speakers at the perfect listening height. However, it has been designed to partner the Monitor Audio Gold 100 and Platinum 100 3G models specifically; both are designed to be securely fixed to the ST-2 stand itself. The ST-2 stand ensures that your listening experience is presented with complete audio performance in mind: with precision and lifelike clarity.


Designed for the most optimum listening experience

To ensure optimum rigidity and the perfect listening experience, Monitor Audio’s design team have carefully selected the materials from which the ST-2 has been constructed. A premium, damped extruded-aluminium pole-piece, precision-machined steel top-plate and die-cast aluminium plinth, along with height-adjustable spikes and feet, influenced by Platinum Series 3G, result in the ST-2 being extremely strong, rigid and securely anchored when in position.


Design is in the detail

ST-2 has some cleverly designed features: the central pole-piece is not only acoustically lined with absorbent material, but is ballast fillable, and features a separate channel for integrated cable management. The top-plate utilises isolation pads, which sit between the speaker and the surface of the top-plate to reduce any vibration from speaker to stand. Furthermore, additional weight plates positioned in the die-cast plinth, reduce the pendulum effects that can result from a front heavy speaker. Combined, these carefully considered details, mean the ST-2 delivers a completely solid base from which your speakers can perform.



Key Features

  • ST-2 is designed using Monitor Audio’s Transparent Design Philosophy
  • Compatible with all bookshelf/standmount loudspeakers but optimised for Gold 100 and Platinum 100 3G
  • Positions your speaker at the ideal height and with perfect stability
  • Unique extruded aluminium support column with integrated cable management and internal dampening
  • Ballast fillable
  • Stable die-cast aluminium base
  • Custom adjustable feet suitable for hard or carpeted flooring with discreet height adjustment system
  • Choice of a matte black or matte white finish
Dimensions (H x W x D)

597 x 347 x 405 mm (231/2 x 1311/16 x 1515/16")


7.4 kg (16 lb 5 oz)

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ST-2 Universal Stand