i-Deck - (Discontinué)

The i-deck is an unusually stylish and compact high quality sound system for iPod®/iPhone®. Available in two models, i-deck 100 and i-deck 200, and compatible with iPods/iPhones through a flexible dock connector, i-deck's imaginative design is endowed with the performance, build and aesthetic quality that’s won Monitor Audio acclaim around the world.

We've applied our specialised know-how in order to achieve the best possible audio experience from each i-deck design. The systems extract the digital data from the iPod and convert to music through specialised high speed 28/56 bit dual precision DACs. To liberate the purer more dynamic waveform from the DAC, no fewer than four high quality drivers in each i-deck are individually powered by their own custom-trimmed amplifier. And so that none of the sound is wasted by poor room acoustics, each i-deck is equipped with an innovative room equalisation DSP called Automatic Position Correction (APC), which by way of an internal microphone, samples and corrects for the room response in any location each time the i-deck is powered up. The new i-deck's curvaceous profile is of a high-tech mineral-filled polymer construction, which offers excellent rigidity and acoustic damping - non-regular curved panels suppress internal audio reflections to generate the smoothest, widest frequency response. And for the slickest operation and convenience there’s a long-range remote-control handset and a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack for plugging-in other sound sources.

You'll discover more than simple convenience in the two i-deck designs. No ordinary dock can compete, because i-deck chemistry is defined by the science of better sound. Its award-winning DNA gives you the easy way to enjoy all the music from your iPod/iPhone in any room.