BR5 - (Discontinué)


Years Active 2006-2010

Reflecting the spirit and ambition of the Bronze Reference range, the BR5 is a wholesale re-working of the established B4 floor-standing model.

We’ve slimmed down the cabinet for a more desirable profile, replacing the larger drivers of the B4 with potent 5 1/2" bass and bass/mid-range designs, which provide a remarkable blend of punch, deep bass extension and control.

The BR5’s 2 1/2-way system is optimised by utilising an integral structure of dedicated driver chambers, hitherto employed exclusively by our more expensive loudspeakers. Benefiting from additional cross-bracing, the BR5’s cabinet is especially rigid, liberating its sound from the boxy colourations that afflict lesser designs. The result is an astonishing mix of clarity, exuberance and power from a deceptively slender loudspeaker, which transcends the conventional understanding of ‘entry-level’.


  • New C-CAM® tweeter has greater sensitivity and response up to 30kHz.
  • New MMP®II bass and mid-range drivers refined by FEA analysis.
  • New crossovers for cleaner more precise signal transfer.
  • Improved cabinet rigidity and stability.
  • High-quality terminal panels blend easy access with high-end functionality.
  • Choice of high quality pearlescent finishes.
Réponse en fréquence

36 Hz - 30 KHz

Rendement (1W@1m)

90 dB

Impédance nominale

6 Ohms

Tenue en puissance RMS

120 W

Puissance d’amplification recommandée

30 - 120 W

Conception coffret

Dual chamber bass reflex – Ported front and rear


1 x 5.5" MMP®II Bass
1 x 5.5" MMP®II Bass mid-range
1 x 1" (25 mm) Gold Dome C-CAM®tweeter

Dimensions externes (H x L x P)

850 x 165 x 247 mm
33 7/16 x 6 1/2 x 9 3/4 inch

Poids (unité)

11.5 Kg (25.3 lb)