Garantía de por Vida

Monitor Audio offers a Lifetime Warranty on selected products in the Custom Installation speaker range.

This applies to the first end-user purchaser, and only when purchased from an authorised Monitor Audio Dealer/Distributor. Monitor Audio will undertake to guarantee the product will be free from defective workmanship and materials for the life of such. Monitor Audio will at its discretion and expense either repair the defect using new or refurbished parts, or replace the Product with a new or re-manufactured Product of a reasonable equivalent. In all instances Monitor Audio’s liability will not exceed the Purchase Price.

The warranty stated above is the sole and exclusive remedy and Monitor Audio’s performance shall constitute full and final satisfaction of all obligations, liabilities and claims with respect to the Product. IN ANY EVENT, Monitor Audio SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, ECONOMIC, PROPERTY, BODILY INJURY, OR PERSONAL INJURY DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE PRODUCT, ANY BREACH OF THIS WARRANTY OR OTHERWISE.

Additional Limitations and Exclusions from Warranty Coverage: The warranty described above is non-transferable, applies only to the initial installation of the Product, does not include installation of any repaired or replaced Product, does not include damage to any allied or associated equipment which may result for any reason from use with this Product, and does not include labour or parts caused by accident, disaster, negligence, improper installation, misuse (e.g. overdriving the amplifier or speaker, excessive heat or cold or humidity), or from service or repair which has not been authorised by Monitor Audio. The end-user purchaser is liable for the cost of transportation and return of the Product. Any damages incurred during transport are the cost and responsibility of the end-user purchaser.



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Obtaining Authorised Service:

To qualify for the Lifetime warranty, you must contact your authorised Monitor Audio Dealer/Installer, showing proof of purchase and the product. You will be given a return authorisation number (RAN), which is required to progress with your warranty claim.

Any decision made by Monitor Audio in regard to any Lifetime Warranty claim is full and final.

This warranty takes effect from the 2nd April 2018.


Only these Monitor Audio Products listed below are included in the Lifetime Warranty:

Creator Series: C1S, C1M, C1L, W1M-E, W1M, C2S, C2M, C2M-T2X, C2M-CP, W2M, W2M-CP, C2L, C2L-T2X, C2L-CP, C3M, C3L, C3L-CP, C3L-A, W3MCSS230WSS130, WSS230, WSS430, CP-IW260X, CP-IW460X

Platinum CI: Platinum In-Wall 3GPLIC IIPlatinum In-Wall II

Cinergy: Cinergy 100, Cinergy 200Cinergy 300Cinergy Sub15

Specialist: CF230CPC120

Weather Resistant: AWC265, AWC265-T2, AWC280, AWC280-T2V240

SoundFrames: SoundFrame 1 In-Wall, SoundFrame 2 In-Wall, SoundFrame 3 In-Wall, SoundFrame 1 On-Wall, SoundFrame 2 On-Wall, SoundFrame 3 On-Wall

Soundbars: SB-2, SB-3, SB-4

Custom Subwoofers: ICS-8, IWS-10

Basics: C165, C180W165, W180


Core: C265, C280, C265-IDC, C280-IDC, C380-IDC, C265-FX, C380-FX, C165-T2, C180-T2, W265, W280, W280-IDC, W380-IDC, W150-LCR, W250-LCR

Slim: CS140, CS160, CS180

Controlled Performance: CP-CT150, CP-CT260, CP-CT380, CP-CT380IDC, CP-WT150, CP-WT260, CP-WT380, CP-WT380IDC, CP-WT140LCR, CP-WT240LCR,

Pro: Pro-65, Pro-80