Vector - (Discontinued)

Vector is an exceptional range of compact lifestyle speakers, which blends minimalist styling with innovative materials and elite acoustic engineering to raise standards of sophistication and performance at the affordable end of the residential speaker market. Inspired by the proven technologies of Monitor Audio's upmarket speakers and the elegant contours of its award-winning Radius satellite speaker systems, Vector delivers class-beating sound quality in a product which is as easy to use as it is on the eye.

Occupying the step below Radius in the Monitor Audio range, the three-model Vector line-up comprises a wall-mounting compact satellite, the V10; a matching centre-channel satellite, the V20, and a compact 100W active subwoofer, the VW-8. The V10 and V20 cabinets are of high density moulded polymer with a 'soft touch' rubberised skin, which lends a wonderfully novel and tactile quality to the product. The front baffles are of MDF, coated in a high-gloss black or white to match the cabinets and the look of flat TVs (a wood grain finish is also available with the black cabinet). The special MDF/polymer mix combines with internal bracing to reduce unwanted resonances for a naturally detailed and rhythmic sound. The use of a single tie-bolt to secure each MMP®II bass/mid driver and 25mm C-CAM® tweeter to the back of the cabinet contributes to cabinet rigidity and is responsible for the absence of screw fixings on the fascia, enhancing Vector’s stylishly clean, uncomplicated appearance.

Combining boutique design appeal and high fidelity sound the new Vector range achieves a level of design integrity, performance and versatility that raises the bar for the entry-level compact sat/sub speaker system market. Its exceptionally compact design will balance your love of space with your desire for naturally dynamic music and film sound all around your home.