Unify your system

Bring lifelike sound to your home by setting up your Monitor Audio and Roksan equipment with the MaestroUnite Setup App.

Thanks to device partnering, you can create a single, unified system for all your audio, making it simple to use time and time again.

All from a single app

The MaestroUnite Setup App can connect all your units to your local Wi-Fi network, ready for IoT functionality. You can also combine your Attessa CD Transport and Attessa Amplifier to make them work as a single unit. Furthermore, the MaestroUnite Setup App even gives you control of features like input configuration, headphone sensitivity, analogue input gain, balance and low power standby.

You can also use the MaestroUnite Setup App for Monitor Audio Anthra Subwoofers. This allows a user complete bespoke setup using basic or advanced features, thanks to options including EQ pre-sets (configurable by either Monitor Audio or the user), Gain, Low Pass Filter, Auto-On, LED Control, Phase and LPF Slope and many more – a user has complete control over the setup and ongoing optimisation. All from a single app.

With the possibility of Master Quality Audio, intelligent IR remote handling and much more, the MaestroUnite Setup App provides you an easy-to-use tool for Roksan Electronics and Monitor Audio Anthra Subwoofers, so that all you need to do is Listen Again.

You can download the MaestroUnite app from the App Store or Google Play store on your smartphone to experience it today.

MaestroUnite is available for the following products:


If you require any support whilst using our MaestroUnite Setup App, please check out our Support page in the link below.

MaestroUnite Support