Customising your SoundFrame Grilles

Ordering from the additional Grille Gallery

We have chosen a gallery of grille images and colours to choose from, which can be used on all three models of SoundFrame, they are shown in the Gallery overviews displayed by product size. Simply jot down the reference number shown below your chosen grille(s) in the gallery and order them from your local Monitor Audio dealer. Though some grilles are shown in pairs, they’re individually numbered, so you can order the combination of images or colours that’s right for you. State if you require Framed or Frameless when ordering.

This shows a small selection of our gallery of grilles, there is a different selection for the three sizes of SoundFrame. For an overview please click the link below.



Commissioning an additional Bespoke Grille

If you would like to use your own design for your SoundFrame grille; a favourite photo or your own artwork, (provided you have the rights to use it) please supply your local Monitor Audio dealer with a print-ready image, which will then be printed onto your SoundFrame grille and supplied by your dealer. Please note that any design will need to fit the shape and size of the selected SoundFrame with enough additional image around its sides to be able to wrap around the wooden frame template.

Please contact your local dealer to place an order for a bespoke grille.

There are file specifications in place to achieve best results please only use high resolution images.


Additional Frameless Grille

If the outer picture frames don’t match your decor why not choose our additional Frameless option where the supplied outer frame and grille of your SoundFrame are replaced by an edgeless larger grille?

The larger Frameless grilles replace both the grille and frame to give the impression of an edgeless image. Plain Black or White options also available.

When ordering your customised SoundFrame grille, state which image you require, which size of SoundFrame and if you prefer the Framed or Frameless option.