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Since 1972, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved in sound quality. 50 years later, we set out to create a single stand-out loudspeaker for the discerning audiophiles around the world that’s as close to perfection as physically possible. Say hello to our latest project, codenamed Concept 50.

The Concept 50 loudspeaker has been designed to deliver unrivalled sound like no other loudspeaker on the market. Making the ultimate statement of just how good a loudspeaker can be, Monitor Audio’s new prototype combines extraordinary sound, refinement and luxury that customers have come to expect, but pushes the boundaries even further to truly strike a chord with audiophiles.

In our quest to deliver audio that sounds as close to perfection as possible, the idea for the Concept 50 loudspeaker started its life two years ago when Monitor Audio’s technical director, Michael Hedges, and design director, Charles Minett, carried out an experiment to see how far they could push passive loudspeaker design. Their plight quickly paid off when they spotted the opportunity to create something very special.

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The Concept 50 will continue to develop into a flagship product, which will go into production later this year to give audiophiles the world over an opportunity to own and enjoy the absolute pinnacle in loudspeaker development.

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