What Hi-Fi? gives Silver 50 4 stars

31st May 2018

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What did the guys at What Hi-Fi? think of our small and mighty bookshelf speakers?



In their first UK review, the deceptively small Silver 50 bookshelf speakers impressed the judges at What Hi-Fi? giving them a fantastic 4 stars.


"Accomplished Performer"

Following on from reviews of the rest of the Silver Series, What Hi-Fi? notes the Silver 50’s excellent build and finish quality calling them “solid and luxurious”.

The review goes on to praise the speakers detail resolution and clarity, applauding their composure.

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Part of the family

The Silver 50 bookshelf speakers are our most compact Silver Series speakers yet, using a completely new version of our special C-CAM RST bass/mid-range drive units with our renowned C-CAM gold domed tweeter


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