The Audiophileman reviews Bronze 100

22nd December 2021

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

Our Bronze 100 speakers get tested out by The Audiophileman



Paul Rigby aka The Audiophileman had a listen to our Bronze 100 bookshelf speakers, giving them his 'Deeply Groovy' badge with a score of 9/10!

"...they offer a supreme tonal balance. So they give you great detail, a real midrange insight and a delicate treble response while integrating the bass into both as you might integrate a suite of Lego bricks: precisely, seamlessly and naturally. The Bronze 100 speakers produce music that fits well into the soundstage, giving you a simple and unpretentious yet highly effective sound response."

The Bronze 100 is the largest bookshelf speaker in the Bronze Series, featuring a powerful bass driver and new tweeter technologies to create a bigger, more compelling performance.


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