Taps Das reviews our high-performance Anthra W12 subwoofer

3rd April 2024

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

Big in terms of scale. Medium in size. This sub just rocks.



In his latest review, expert reviewer Taps Das put the Anthra W12 to the test, pairing it with a number of speaker packages.

Whilst watching Dan Trachtenberg's 'Prey' he started by saying "this sub pressurised my room really well" adding "this sub made that movie sound huge". Building on that, he praised the experience whilst watching Jalmari Helander's 'Sisu', observing the tank scene in particular, he said "I felt it in my gut". With the sound, Taps "it starts and stops on a dime".

In conclusion, "This sub is pretty amazing and if you value good looks as much as you do deep bass, then this is a sub you want to add to your list".

Watch the full video review below.