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23rd September 2019

Posted in: Stories

We spoke to Instagram follower @vintage_audio_lover about his audio equipment, record collection and his favourite album




When did you start collecting records?

My Father had a small collection of pop, rock and country music, which is what initially interested me. My passion for records and their unique crackling sounds dates from the time I was a high school student but I actually started collecting records about 3 years ago.

What is your favourite record?

After three years, I have around 600 albums, 7 and 12-inch in my collection.

Records by Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Duran Duran, Bob Dylan and Santana were among the first I bought, although its difficult to choose which is my favourite.

I would have to pick Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, released in 73’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’, released in 77’, as my top picks.



Who is your favourite artist/band?

As for my favourite artist/band, again I couldn’t choose between Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac.

I had so much most passion and love for the two albums previously mentioned and have listened to them countless times. They inspired me to listen to ‘Wish You Were Here’, 'The Wall' and respectively ‘Tusk’ and ‘Tango In The Night’.

What is your favourite music based magazine?

I don’t tend to read music magazines, as I prefer to read online. I also like using social networks, as they’re more accessible and relevant to my musical interests.


@vintage_audio_lover's equipment list

Speakers Monitor Audio MR2
Speakers Monitor Audio MR 4
Turntable Mecasound TX 4963-S

Technics SE-A900S


Technics SU-C909U

CD Player

Technics SL-PG400A


Technics ST-9031

Stereo Cassette Deck

Technics RS-M17


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