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6th April 2020

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We spoke to Instagram follower @thevinylconflict about his audio equipment, record collection and his favourite album




When did you start collecting records?

From early childhood really. I had a small collection of perhaps 50 records at the age of 10 but shifted to CD from there on (in 1990). About 6 years ago I decided to go back to vinyl and sold off my entire collection of 2,000+ CDs in just a few months. It took off like crazy from there and now I have roughly 1,200 vinyl instead.


What's your favourite record?

Tough one. If I really, truly have to pick just one I have go with ‘Amok’ by Finnish metal band Sentenced. It has been a constant for me since age 15 and hasn't lost any of its shine since. A masterpiece from beginning to end.




Who is your favourite artist/band?

Again, a tough one. First off I have to go with the above-mentioned Sentenced once more. A fantastic band that mastered so many genres throughout their career. Three other metal favourites are Moonsorrow (epic beyond words!), German thrash legends Kreator and US-thrashers Warbringer. Outside of the metal genre I also have to mention The Beatles, Kansas and Queen. I listen to pretty much everything and anything from classical music, via pop and rock to black metal.

What's your favourite music based magazine?

The constants are Sweden Rock Magazine and Terrorizer Magazine (UK), for insight on bands, reviews and so on. The legendary Swedish Close-Up Magazine has to be mentioned here as well but they sadly had to cease operations recently. Definitely was the best music magazine out there, for us Swedes at least.


@thevinylconflict's equipment list

Speakers Monitor Audio Bronze 2
Amplifier Pioneer A-40AE
Turntable Rega Planar 2


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