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2nd March 2020

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We spoke to Instagram follower @jheard001 about his audio equipment, record collection and his favourite album




When did you start collecting records?

I started collecting back in December 2016. I was struggling to think of gift ideas, when family asked what I wanted for Christmas, so vinyl records seemed perfect. I started by asking them to buy me their favourite album. So, my collection started, and always will be eclectic. Just over 3 years later and I’m almost at 300 albums (2 a week). I try to sneak them into my collection to avoid a scolding off my wife!


What's your favourite record?

‘Random Access Memories’ by Daft Punk is my favourite record. Meticulous in its production and features huge names, such as Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Pharrell Williams and Julian Casablancas. A simply stunning record on wax and the first I purchased for myself!




Who are your favourite bands?

A question of “Sophie’s Choice” proportions. I don’t have a favourite and it changes with my mood. I’m a sucker for a great voice though so the likes of Al Green, Lana Del Rey and Michael Kiwanuka are favourites. But if I’m driving I need something with punch like The Prodigy or Faithless.

What's your favourite music based magazine?

The only one I read is ‘Long Live Vinyl’, which is great. I tend to look for recommendations from guys / girls in my favourite independent record stores. I’ll stream an album for a week or so and then inevitably pull the trigger and buy it for my collection.


@jheard001's equipment list

Speakers Monitor Audio Bronze 2
Amplifier Onkyo A-9010
Turntable Rega Planar 1


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