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19th August 2019

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We spoke to Instagram follower @ironpazz about his audio equipment, record collection and his favourite album




When did you start collecting records?

I have been collecting vinyl’s/CDs since I was 15 (1988), the new type of musical support (CD) was very attractive, but very expensive and then I had preferred the vinyl at first, as it was cheaper.

Most of my collection is made up of CDs, as I personally think it is better than vinyl, if reproduced well with serious equipment.


What's your favourite record?

This is hard for me to answer, as I have favourites among many different genres –

Progressive rock:

‘Joe's Garage’ by Frank Zappa

Heavy metal:

‘Painkiller’ by Judas Priest,

 ‘The Number of the Beast’ by Iron Maiden

…any Black Sabbath albums

Classic rock:

‘Brother Where You Bound’ by Supertramp

‘Animals’ by Pink Floyd

…any Dire Straits albums

Country rock:
‘Harvest’ by Neil Young

‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ by The White Buffalo




Who is your favourite artist/band?

This is another very hard question, but my nickname is "IRONPAZZ" Guess my favourite band!

What is your favourite music based magazine?

When I was younger, my favourite magazine was a heavy metal called ‘Metal Shock’, which ran until 2008.

Now, I prefer to listen and judge for myself online, through YouTube and various other social media platforms.


@ironpazz's equipment list

Speakers Monitor Audio Silver 500
Turntable Pro-Ject RPM 5.1
Power Amplifier

Musical Fidelity X-P200

Pre Amplifier

Musical Fidelity X-PRE V3

CD Player

Raysonic CD-138


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