Stereophile review Silver 500 7G

24th January 2022

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Our Silver 500 7G speakers get tested out by Stereophile



During his listening session, journalist Robert Schryer said "Through the 500s, this live-in-Brussels concert sounded sophisticated—clarion-clear, elaborately alive, with tones finely layered above and below the primary one."

"Instruments sounded crisp and clear, not brittle or overexposed—just there, in the flesh, uncolored, emanating an oxygen-breathing life force. Transients were laser-fast, giving percussion notes snap and the music a rhythmic brio the Brits refer to as PRaT."

Schryer concluded "When I finally saw their price, I thought: This is for just one speaker, right? Wrong. At $3200 for the pair, the Monitor Audio Silver 500 is one of the great audio deals of the pandemic era."


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