Stereophile review our Platinum 300 3G speakers

1st November 2023

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

John Atkinson, from high-end audio reviewers Stereophile, spent some quality time with our elegant award-winning Platinum 300 3G speakers.



"Strongly recommended"

Upon listening, John said that "the image of Swift’s voice was palpably focused. In this respect, the big Monitor Audios’ imaging accuracy was more like what you get from a pair of high-performance minimonitors like my reference LS50s."

Regarding its tonal neutrality, "this speaker is commendably uncolored. Solo piano recordings are very revealing of problems in the upper midrange, but the piano on the Silverman concert recording sounded both natural and full range, with no notes emphasized."

Summing up, John added "with its clean, uncolored midrange, its well-controlled, extended low frequencies, its well-defined stereo imaging, and its ability to play much louder than my usual minimonitors, Monitor Audio’s elegant-looking Platinum 300 3G is a high-performance loudspeaker."


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