Stereophile Magazine's 2020 Recommended Components

3rd April 2020

Posted in: Awards

Our PL300 II, Gold 300 and Silver 300 speakers are named in Stereophile Magazine's 2020 Recommended Components list.



We're proud to announce that our Platinum 300 II floorstanding speakers, Gold 300 floorstanding speakers, Silver 300 floorstanding speakers have all been including in Stereophile Magazine's 2020 Recommended Components list. The full list can be found here.


In his amazing review, Robert Deutsch said the PL300 II had "outstanding performance". He went on to say, "with the Platinum PL300 II, they've hit one out of the park. It's my new reference".

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In his review, Thomas J. Norton said the Gold 300's top end was "delicate, open, airy, and detailed". He called them a "consistent delight", and went on to say they "earn a serious recommendation and deserve an extended audition".

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In his review, Kalman Rubinson said he "heard a welcome clarity in the midrange that gave all music a natural presence". He went on to say that, "regardless of the musical genre or source, the Silver 300 did the music justice".

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