StereoNET review our Anthra W15 subwoofer

6th February 2024

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"A classy-looking subwoofer, suitably imposing yet refined"



StereoNET highly recommends our Anthra subwoofers, after rigorously testing the largest of our three Anthra models; the W15.

Upon listening, expert reviewer Steve May said "this subwoofer doesn't strain to smack you in the face with deep bass; rather, its output is controlled, deep and solid." Steve adds "the W15 makes a virtue of being fast and tight. The bombing run that opens the WW2 drama Unbroken is a textbook example of terrific sound design and a perennial challenge for any subwoofer."

Whilst watching blockbuster Avatar: The Way of Water, Steve commented "having a subwoofer that is able to realise the audio design of a movie like this brings you so much closer to the creator's intent."

Thanks to the W15's ability to "hit hard and fast", Steve said the W15 brought a satisfying weight to the playthough of Call of Duty, on his PlayStation 5.

He summarised "if you want to add depth and bass detail to your home theatre system, the Anthra comes highly recommended".


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