Sound Advice review our Platinum 300 3G

3rd May 2023

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They represent the state of the Monitor Audio art, both where acoustic engineering and furniture-making is concerned.

Expert reviewer Simon Lucas, at Sound Advice, recently sat down with our award-winning Platinum 300 3G speakers.



Talking about the Platinum 300 3G speakers, Simon says "If the company has a ‘statement’ product that’s on general sale, the Platinum 300 3G is it." Adding “it’s the positivity of the way these speakers present music, as well as the amount of information they impart, that makes each listen an event."

In summary, Simon commented “it’s difficult to know how you’re meant to identify a shortcoming in the way these speakers perform.".

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Update 03-05-23.

Simon Lucas talks to Angela Lamont about our award-winning Platinum 300 3G speakers.