Silver 500 7G wins Hi-Fi News 'Outstanding Product' Award

1st September 2021

Posted in: Awards

Adding to its prestigious EISA Award, our Silver 500 7G loudspeakers receive a Hi-Fi News 'Outstanding Product' Award.



Mark Craven from Hi-Fi News was one of the first reviewers to sit down with our Silver 500 7G loudspeakers and was extremely impressed with the detail and aesthetic.

“Monitor Audio’s big-boned Silver series floorstander gets off to a strong start thanks to a smart aesthetic and wallet-friendly pricing, and its appeal only grows when the music begins. The 500 7G’s sound is large scale, full range and peppered with detail, and it seems to expend no effort at all when asked to play loud.”

In the lab, Paul Miller, president of EISA, commented that the Silver 500 7G’s response was "remarkably flat" when measuring the average listening height and said its pair matching was "exceptional".

The final word from Mark - “Audition at your peril, because once you’ve heard a pair, you’ll want to buy them!.”


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