Silver 50 7G review by Audiotechnique magazine

17th August 2021

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

Stephen at Audiotechnique magazine, in Hong Kong, recently reviewed our new Silver 50 7G speakers.



“After listening to the performance of Monitor Audio’s Silver 50 7G, I have to say the speakers are perfect at any volume.

Among the vast range of compact speakers, Silver 50 7G’s achieve a premium quality with its design construction, beautiful finish and a solid, natural, high-definition sound quality which is super rich in detail and has a very clear sound. If we are talking about the authority of sound design, it certainly has some differences to the higher models in the Platinum II & Gold ranges, but if you are not deliberately listening to them side by side then the character of the Silver 50 7G speakers seems quite similar to the luxury models.

In a word, Monitor Audio’s Silver 50 7G are very high quality & the value of these speakers are far higher than the selling price.”


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