Silver 300 5.1.2 wins top awards

8th January 2024

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"If you're looking for a surround setup that doesn't just play aggressively loud, but is just as sensitive, the Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G Dolby Atmos Cinema 5.1.2 is just right."



Following their incredible review of the Silver 300 7G Dolby Atmos Cinema system, German reviewers Audio Test Magazin and Like HiFi give the 5.1.2 setup two Editors Choice awards and the Product of the Year award.

"The subwoofer masters its bass perfectly thanks to room calibration, the floorstanding speakers deliver a sound performance that is far above their price and the effect speakers are simply the perfect sound distributors. The British do practically everything right with this surround system. It's hard to get a better home cinema feeling for the price of 6,000 euros for the complete 5.1.2 set."


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