The smooth reproduction of our Silver 100 Limited Edition impress the team at Qobuz.

16th November 2022

Posted in: Reviews

French music streaming service Qobuz review our Silver 100 Limited Edition speakers.



"The tweeter is a work of art on its own"

Pro journalist Alban Amouroux recently sat down with our 50th anniversary Silver 100 Limited Edition speakers and was impressed with both their aesthetic and sound reproduction.

Whilst listening to Uptown in Orbit by Emmet Cohen, Alban stated that even the slighest of details were coming through, with its well-focused soundstage, also noting the elegance shown on Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 3.

In summary, Alban concluded "they are capable of delving into the smallest details and transmitting the slightest intonation of voices and instruments".

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