Silver 100 Limited Edition receives 'Special Recommendation' award from L&B

22nd November 2022

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

A firework of a speaker.

The Editor in Chief at Lyd & Bilde, Lasse Svendsen, states that our our 50th Anniversary Silver 100 Limited Edition speakers are "as close to perfect as you can get for the money".



Talking about previous generations of Silver, Lasse remarked that the "compact Silver 100 7G blows the competition away with a bass reproduction that you wouldn't think possible from a compact speaker."

Upon listening to the likes of Marius Neset, Bruce Springsteen and Sam Moore, he added "It seems as if the small speakers have almost no limitations. That is rare, especially in this price range. "

In summary, the Silver 100 Limited Edition received a six star review, along with their outstanding 'Special Recommendation' award.

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