Silver 100 7G speakers receive Best Value Award from Audiograde

5th March 2024

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

Audiograde highly recommends our Silver Series 7G bookshelf speakers, praising how versatile they are in home listening environments.



Audiograde reviewer Andy Waite said of the performance of the Silver 100 7G speakers, when switching between rock, pop and classical, "the music has levels of softness and delicacy which are enchanting in equal measures, highlighting how these speakers can adapt to the musical situation".

Regarding the positioning, the "bassline doesn’t get bogged down by the wall proximity, sounding nicely energised and tight in its delivery", adding "this baseline level of performance continues across a number of positioning combinations, showing how versatile these speakers are".

Earning the Audiograde 'Best Value' award, Andy summarised by saying "as a model aimed at mid-priced systems, what really marks them out is how versatile and unfussy they are in terms of positioning for most homes and listening environments, and on this basis, I can’t recommend them strongly enough."


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